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(Warp) Autechre – Dropp

Tusalava – Produced and directed by Len Lye – 1929.

Here’s an experimentation on montage by Len Lye, artist from New Zealand, Heavily influanced by Tribal cultures such as Aborigenal, pacific and african cultures, and also surrealism and abstraction. Lye worked on early technique of colorisation in the 30′ and is a pioneer of “direct film”, a technique that consists in making a movie without the use of a camera, by painting, scratching, tearing the film. the most famous of his movie using this process is Free Radicals – dancing letters, scratched & painted film, tribal music-

This one, Tusalava, is his first experimental movie kept alive, back in 1929.

(Music70/Warp) Boards of Canada – Smokes Quantity

Sissy Boy slap party – Directed by Guy Maddin – 1995.

Here’s a short movie by Guy Maddin, the guy who directed The Saddest music in the world in 2003, and not long ago, in 2007, My Winnipeg.

And remember, NO SLAPPING !

Un Chien andalous – Directed by Salvador Dali & Luis Buñuel – 1929.

(Progressive Form) Ametsub – Repeatedly

Ametsub – The Nothing of the North

Genre : Chill Out, IDM, Glitch.

Second album of Ametsub. This is some quality release. Blured melody, glitched scapes & low-fi textures, chilled but yet complex beats. What a wonderful mixture this young producer from japan gives us trough this 12 tracks album. with an unbreakable coherence, this sure will delight your ears and your mind.